Empowering Employees, Transforming Organizations
Our Location 5th floor, Capitol Hill towers, Cathedral Rd
Telephone no. (+254) 722 522 430
Email Address info@inspirationsconsultants.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Inspirations Management Consultants (IMC) do?
    • IMC provides training, consultancy, research and recruitment services for public and private sector organizations. These services are industry focused and tailor-made to meet the clients’ needs.
  2. How often do you conduct your trainings?
    • We hold training sessions 2-3 times a month covering a variety of topics. We have a half year training calendar that highlights upcoming trainings, their dates and venues.
  3. I need talented people to accelerate my business. Can inspirations management consultants help?
    • At IMC, we empower employees with essential skills for organization growth and renewal. We also conduct search, selection and placement for employers looking for outstanding talent, skills and experience.
  4. What differentiates inspirations management consultants from its competitors?
    • We at IMC believe that people are our most valuable assets and that the success of any organization lies in their employee’s capability. We therefore seek to empower every individual to realize their unlimited potential in order to drive organization transformation. Our programs are practical and applicable to facilitate learning and achieve sustainable outcomes.
  5. What do your consultants do on a day-to-day basis?
    • Our consultants are constantly researching from various scholars and management experts. This content is customized to suit our clients’ specific needs and training modules are developed.

Our Clients

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